Филиал Новарктик Снс в г. Москве


Филиал Новарктик Снс в г. Москве

NOVARCTIC SNC is an international partnership comprising Italian Saipem, Franco-American Technip FMC and Russian NIPIGAS, which has been selected as General Contractor leading the construction of Arctic LNG 2 project facilities.  The Project includes the construction of three LNG trains with a capacity of 6.6 mta of LNG each and at least 1.6 mta of stable gas condensate. The total LNG capacity of the three trains will be 19.8 mta. The resource base for Arctic LNG 2 is the Utrenneye field which is located in Gydan Peninsula Yamal Region, approximately 70 km across the Ob Bay from Yamal LNG plant

Location: Gydan, Murmansk, Moscow

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